Just For Laughs.

A collection of links and jokes showing a funny side to metal detecting. If you spot any others out there please let me know and I can add them.

View from their source and many thanks to the people who gave us these laughs.



What did the old coin say to the metal detector? …. Don’t take that tone with me!

- You can never be sure of the sexual orientation of a metal detector…. because it swings both ways!

 BBC News headline: A haul of Anglo-Saxon treasure recently unearthed in Staffordshire has been valued at £3.285m. The money will be split between the detectorist and the landowner.
Metal detecting: what a sad pathetic hobby. Loser…..

 In the world of metal detecting, my uncle's at the top of his field.......all alone.

 So a 50 year old man finds millions of pounds worth of Anglo-Saxon gold using his metal detector in a field. The government declare the find as 'treasure' but will pay him a reward for its discovery.
Why didn't he keep his mouth shut and send it piece by piece to Cash 4 Gold?

I thought I'd hit the jackpot when my metal detector started beeping in the back garden.
But I was disappointed when I realized that it just my wife's wedding ring...

I like to tape tin foil to the base of my grandad's metal detector using black tape.
It's hilarious!

 My last girlfriend was such a gold digger, She constantly humiliated me and I finally had to break up with her.
I'm not going to be seen with anyone who brings a metal detector every time we go to the beach.

 'Boy, Three, Strikes Gold with Metal Detector'. I, myself made headlines like this once.
''Man, 27, Strikes Wife with Metal Detector''... She didn't have my car keys after all, just a bottle top and a kit kat wrapper.

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